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Shell scripts from "An Introduction to Shell Scripting"

Listed below are the scripts from the book. If you want to get the most from them, type them in rather than cut & paste them. You read them much more carefully this way.

Chapter One: menu1 menu2 menu3 menu1d menu2d menu3d menu4
Chapter Two: fullmenu yesno1 yesno2 yesno3
Chapter Three: validdate
Chapter Four: dow
Chapter Five: dow2
Chapter Six: tomorrow
Chapter Seven: numcvt
Chapter Eight: counter counter2 counter3
Chapter Nine: counter3f numcvt2
Chapter Ten: numcvt3
Chapter Eleven: num2words
Chapter Twelve: wc2
Chapter Thirteen: wc3
Chapter Fourteen: hangman
Chapter Fifteen: random_word
Chapter Sixteen: fancymenu mkpwd