An Introduction to Awk
by Glen Smith
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An Introduction to Shell Scripting  
An Introduction to Awk
An Introduction to Shell Scripting
I am still working on this book, and whilst I was hoping to have had this in print by now, it's now likely to be out late 2004 (I've moved and had a baby). Some samples will be available here soon.
Should anybody be especially interested in having this book, mail me and I'll make sure you get an early copy (and a discount).
Awk is a specialised text processing utility, that whilst very powerful, doesn't do much other than process text; it's not an multi-purpose utility like Perl. Awk can be thought of as a super grep-sed-cut command, with a programming language included for versatility.
You cannot teach awk by simply describing the 40 or so builtin functions; awk's capabilities have to be demonstrated.
The book is organised in the following sections:
  • Understanding the basic awk functionality (awkscript, builtin commands, arrays)
  • How to emulate other Unix commands such as grep, cut and sed
  • Examples of how to do common tasks such as format numbers with commas or add and delete lines by context
  • How to process output from commands such as ps and ls
  • Some larger example scripts described in detail
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